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Dog's Life Polka Dot Parka Turtle Neck

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This happy Reversible Polka Dotty Turtleneck Jacket is our favourite. Offering warmth without weight, the outer fabric is a 400 denier, pack cloth nylon that we've quilted for style and warmth. This luxury quilted parka is perfect for this bitter cold winter. With snap ores-stud button front, turtle neck high-collar with smooth lying to prevent long haired breed's gets their hair all knotted up inside the jacket. This jacket can also be worn reversible.

Features: - Reversible Polka Dotty Turtleneck Jacket - Offers maximum comfort and a cosy fit - Great warmth with lightweight material - It can also be worn reversible

Colours it comes in: Purple, khaki

Specifications of sizes for winter clothing in cm: - XS: Neck 18-22, Girth 26-34, back 18 - S: Neck 20-24, Girth 32-42, back 22 - M: Neck 24-28, Girth 40-46, back 27 - L: Neck 28-32, Girth 42-50, back 32 - XL: Neck 31-35, Girth 48-56, back 38 - XXL: Neck 33-39, Girth 54-64, back 42

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