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Dog's Life Reflective Supersoft Webbing Bungee Running Leash

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Runners and joggers can't be impeded by normal leashes, which is why I made this range with a waist belt (which can be converted into a shoulder loop as well) to make it a 2 in 1 leash, so joggers can use it as a running, hands-free leash, or they can take off the belt and use the leash as a shock-absorbent leash.

This leash is made specially for people who exercise with their dogs, with the following handy features: 1. Utilizing a unique formula of strength and flexibility our comfort-action bungee absorbs unwanted forces so your arm and neck don't have to. The bungee running dog leash is a shock absorber and creates a cushion from any sudden moves made by the owner and their dog. 2. The design of this model is entirely focused on letting the owner and their dog keep in stride for the duration of the outing. 3. Furthermore, it is soft, durable and will not wear over time. 4. There is a loop close to the dog for your hand to go through, for more control when you need it.

Available colours: Black, Red

Available sizes: L (2.5cm x 182cm)

waist belt: 2.54cm x 66~110cm (adjustable)

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