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Best dog bed EVER!!

I have been using the K9 Campers for 10 years! its the ONLY dog bed i have ever owned in 30 years that that my large breed dogs have never destroyed. They get washed weekly (completely waterproof) and last for 5 years plus. i have 4 currently, two in their kennels and two on the patio.

Excellent product

Kyro B Plus Liver
Jo-Anne De Beer

Good service

Equifox Sticky Fly Tape
Michelle Pieterse
Good and fast service!

Happy with the product! Can highly recommend it for fly control at stables.

Excellent Product

I have given my dogs Protexin for many years. It’s really beneficial and the perfect additive for every dog.

Delivery takes too long. Use Courier guy rather

GCS Joint Care Advanced Powder XL 250g

Gorgeous bed!

Chantelle went above and beyond in getting our bed delivered. Phenomenal service and amazing quality

Kong Classic Dog Toy
Elsabe Dalton
Xxl Kong

Awesome product, my GSD really gives it a go and it hold very well.

Excellent bomb-proof product

My dogs love these. Two puppers have very different techniques for extracting dinner from these. My golden retriever tips it with her nose for every bite. Australian cattle dog chooses to boop it with his feet. Keeps them entertained for a good 15-20 minutes per serving. They love these. Worth the investment

Fortitude EDC

Can you use it for dogs eyes

Atilla Dip
Charles Benn
Atilla Dip for pigeons

I use 5 drops on the skin behind a racing pigeon's head and the birds remain free of ALL external and internal parasites for a complete year. The best and most effective i have ever used for this purpose.

Fly tac

This product is amazing. We stay on a farm and our cattle is very close to the house. If you put fly tac at stable the is very little to no flies that worries you when you sit outside. This product is really works fantastic

Nutricalm Natural Calming Capsules for Stressed Dogs

Wonderful product. I've been using it for many years and am very satisfied with the product and its effectiveness. Also love the fact that it is a natural product.

Click click delivered

Can't be easier and quicker and cheaper. In Cape Town within 3 days after ordering.


Really enjoyed shopping at PetX. I was looking everywhere for the Moderna Smart Litter Box and found it on PetX for the best price! The shipping was quick and I’m really thrilled with the purchase

Oralade amazing

This product is a wonder. I have a very senior cat with feline AIDS, this product has improved his life tremendously. Would advise anyone to buy this for their pets, whether they have a condition or not. With summer approaching fast, this is a life saver in dealing with dehydration.

Great product for transporting our dogs

This crate really makes transporting out dogs so much easier, and it helps keep the car cleaner as well. The fact the the sides also has the canvas cover to block the light out, also help keep them calmer.

Nutricalm Natural Calming Capsules

I use these for 2 of my cats on recommendation of my Vet. One of the cats is a recent rescue, and him and the resident female cat have taken an active dislike to each other. These tablets have helped to calm both of them down, whilst we re-introduce them.

Terramycin Wound Spray
Loandie Koekemoer

Terramycin Wound Spray

Equifox Mass Gain Plus
Bandile Leopeng
Good for all monogastrics

I also have been using it for my Boerboels and they are getting bigger

Quick and easy

As always great service and quick delivery. Competitive pricing and value for money products.

DMSO 90%
Louis Olivier

I will def buy from PetX again. The online transaction was very smooth and I was updated with a tracking number and the DMSO arrived very quick.

I had to get the animal grade because DMSO is not available for human use. I use it for myself.The quality of the product is very good and the DMSO is very pure.

I have tried many products but nothing helped with my condition Seborrheic Dermatitis and also persistent inflammation in my body. It is been ungoing for many years. I started spraying a dilute solution of DMSO on my face. My skin cleared up completely and it is healing very nicely. No more embarrassing itchy and flaky skin on my face. I also take a table spoon of DMSO internally and this is bring so much relief for the inflammation in my joints, muscles and shoulder. For the 1st time I am more mobile with almost no pain.

It is a good product and very well priced. Thank you.

Best Feeder Toy EVER

Our pup loves his Kong and it engages him for long enough to allow the other animals to eat their food without his very excited assistance

Oralade RF+ Support for Cats
Jacqui Sonderegger
Fantastic product. Will continue to buy

Thank you for the opportunity to rate this product.

My cat is 17 years old and suffers from kidney disease. She was admitted to hospital about two months ago with sever hydration.

The vets were doubtful about her prospects for recovery.

I did some research and found this product, Oralade RF + Support for Cats. I asked my vet about it, and she agreed that it may help.

My cat was also prescribed a chronic medication for life.

I freeze Oralade in an ice cube tray and defrost one cube to add to her morning and evening meals. My cat is a very fussy feeder, and tends to be under-weight as well.

She loves the Oralade, she has gained a bit of weight and her hydration is now under control. Her appetite has improved, and I can tell she is feeling a lot better.

I will continue to use Oralade twice a day for my cat. While KD in cats is not curable, Oralade has really helped.

This is a 5 star product and I will continue to buy it.