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Oralade RF+ Support for Cats

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Cats recovering from gastrointestinal (GI) upset or disorders need specialised treatment that involves rehydration (especially after vomiting and diarrhoea), replenishing lost nutrients, and rebalancing gut flora.

It’s not enough to just get your purry friend to drink water – Oralade is the ideal isotonic formula that meets your cat’s need for rehydration and nutrition after GI upset, replacing valuable electrolytes, enterocytes, prebiotics and fluids. It’s recommended for cats who suffer from GI disorders like gastritis, enteritis and colitis, etc. It’s also recommended for post-surgery recovery as well as recovery from pancreatic and liver disorders.

Oralade’s many benefits:

Hypoallergenic and with absolutely no contraindications
Ready to serve – does not require mixing
Increases fluid intake 10x more than water
Easily digestible; low protein and no fat
Functional amino acids nourish the digestive tract to help with faster recovery
Prebiotic fibre promotes gut health
2% Dextrose provides simple energy
Chicken flavour encourages consumption, even when nauseated
Fast absorption of the isotonic formula
No artificial preservatives
Zero phosphorous, zero calcium and hypoallergenic
Serve at home – cold or warm
Can be frozen for reuse within 12 months
Oralade RF+ Support for Cats is available in a 330 ml bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Jacqui Sonderegger
Fantastic product. Will continue to buy

Thank you for the opportunity to rate this product.

My cat is 17 years old and suffers from kidney disease. She was admitted to hospital about two months ago with sever hydration.

The vets were doubtful about her prospects for recovery.

I did some research and found this product, Oralade RF + Support for Cats. I asked my vet about it, and she agreed that it may help.

My cat was also prescribed a chronic medication for life.

I freeze Oralade in an ice cube tray and defrost one cube to add to her morning and evening meals. My cat is a very fussy feeder, and tends to be under-weight as well.

She loves the Oralade, she has gained a bit of weight and her hydration is now under control. Her appetite has improved, and I can tell she is feeling a lot better.

I will continue to use Oralade twice a day for my cat. While KD in cats is not curable, Oralade has really helped.

This is a 5 star product and I will continue to buy it.