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BIOREM contains large quantities of micro-organisms that are cultivated on a Lucerne medium. The product looks like milled lucerne, with a typical sour acetic smell. The species of lactic acid bacteria in BIOREM are specifically selected for their ability to multiply under conditions which are usually not very favourable to the conventional micro-organisms in the digestive tract, as well for their antagonism against specific pathogens.

Lucerne as a growth medium:

Reduces the cost of the growth process.
It conserves lactic acid bacteria exceptionally long.
Acute non-specific diarrhoea in calves and lambs can be treated more effectively with the dried product. The undeveloped rumen, which is frequently the source of infection, can be reached more easily. Dry food goes directly to the rumen.
It is completely safe and it does not contaminate the environment with chemical materials and antibiotic resistant organisms.
BIOREM is registered as an anti-diarrhoeal for Calves and Lambs. Administration can be done as follows:
a). Preventative: 4g stirred in the calf’s milk and 1g for Iambs, daily.
b). Acute diarrhoea: place a double dose of 8g (two desert spoons) two to three times per day dry on the tongue.

Other uses of the product BIOREM:
Ostrich chicks: General health and chances to survive increases drastically. The product has been registered for ostriches under the name BIOREM-PLUS.