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Dog-O-Pedic Sleeper Stairs (All -In-One Stairs & Mattress Combo)

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Dog-O-Pedic has manufactured the first-ever Stair Sleeper in South Africa. With one flip your Stair Sleeper can be used as stairs to your couch or bed.

Flip your Stair Sleeper again and it becomes a luxurious mattress for

your best furry friend. The Stair Sleeper is made from HD foam which is ideal for any furry friend with or without medical conditions.

The Stair Sleeper when used as steps will not move as there is anti-slip material at the bottom of the Stair Sleeper. This will greatly help your furry friend that may have medical conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, get up painlessly and effortlessly.

The covers are made from suede. The covers come with an easily removable zip cover that can be washed.

The Stair Sleeper is ideal for dogs that have reached their golden years or that are struggling with medical conditions.

The medium comes with two steps perfect for dogs such as Cocker Spaniels, Basset Hounds

The Large comes with two steps perfect for dogs such as Labradors, German Shepard’s

The Giants comes with two steps perfect for dogs such as Rottweilers and Pit Bulls

The Jumbo comes with two steps perfect for dogs such as Great Danes, Saint Bernard’s


Small: 5-Steps, Step O Pedic for small breed dogs Total L 75cm W 40cm H 56cm Step Height 11cm Step Depth 15cm Medium: 4-Steps, Step O Pedic for medium breed dogs Total L 68cm W 40cm H 45cm Step Height 11cm Step Depth 17cm Large: 3-Steps, Step O Pedic for large breed dogs Total L 69cm W 50cm H 40cm Step Height 13cm Step Depth 23cm Gaint: 2-Steps, Step O Pedic for giant breed dogs Total L 66cm W 60cm H 30cm Step Height 15cm Step Depth 33cm