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NutriFlex Collagen Advanced Mobility Complex for Horses

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Natural joint support for horses and ponies
NutriFlex® advanced mobility complex is your horse’s daily scoop of happiness
An advanced and nutrient-dense protein powder complex for horses and ponies. Enriched with MSM organic sulphur and joint-specific type II collagen, NutriFlex® is a naturally derived and synergistic source of essential amino acids, vital joint nutrients (glucosamine and chondroitin) hyaluronic acid and organic sulphur. Specifically developed to promote strong, healthy joints, rejuvenate cartilage and replenish synovial fluid. NutriFlex® enhances vitality, mobility and agility by helping to ease discomfort from stiffness and promote recovery from injury and surgery. A daily serving of NutriFlex® can help your horse enjoy an active, happy and healthy life.

NutriFlex™ is formulated with a unique Type II collagen backed by clinical trials:
(50% of all joint cartilage is constituted by type II collagen fibres)

— May reduce consumption of veterinary anti-inflammatories by up to 73%
— Continuous use (daily consumption) eases joint inflammation and promotes mobility
— 3X more bioavailable than native cartilage, reaching the joints through the circulation
— Natural source of vital joint nutrients (glucosamine and chondroitin) and hyaluronic acid contributes to the permanent renewal of proteoglycans, a major biochemical component of joints
— Extracted from chicken cartilage. Produced in France in FSSC2000 certified facility.
NutriFlex® is formulated with 100% eco-friendly, human-grade food ingredients.

PACK SIZE: 500 grams
PONY STANDARD RATE = 25 daily servings


Important: This is a nutritional product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary products or advice. PACK SIZE: 500 grams
SCOOP SIZE: ± 20 grams
For best results sprinkle, pour (dissolved in a small amount of warm water) or mix the recommended amount of NutriFlex™ powder with food, ONCE DAILY.

Weight: 500 kg (for heavier or lighter animals adjust serving size)
Loading Rate (3—10 days) = 2 Scoops (40 g)
Standard Rate = 1½ Scoops (30 g)
Low Maintenance = 1 Scoop (20 g)

Weight: 300 kg (for heavier or lighter animals adjust serving size)
Loading Rate (3—10 days) = 1½ Scoops (30 g)
Standard Rate = 1 Scoop (20 g)
Low Maintenance = ½ Scoop (10 g)