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The Herbal Pet Tearstain Formula 75g

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A blend of herbs and vitamins formulated to minimise tearstains in dogs and cats.
Tearstains in certain dog and cat breeds are a result of porphyrins and infection.
Tearstain Formula attempts to decrease unsightly stains, as well as helping to address the underlying cause.

Active Ingredients (Per 5g):
Phytosterols, Cranberry, Bioflavonoids, Barberry, Ascorbic Acid, Marshmallow, Calcium Carbonate

Inactive Ingredients:
Kelp, Citric Acid

For dogs and cats.
A 75g container lasts a medium dog 30 days.

Sprinkle on food, according to body weight:

Small pets (<6kg): ¼ tsp per day
Medium pets (6 – 22kg): ½ tsp per day
Large pets (22 - 40kg): 1 level tsp per day
Giant breeds (>40kg): 1 heaped tsp per day

Safety Precautions:
- Not for use with epileptic or blood thinning medication
- Not for use in puppies younger than 6 weeks or in pregnant or lactating pets
- This is a nutritional product and not intended as a substitute for veterinary products or advice
- Discontinue immediately at any sign of adverse reaction